Dubai desert

What an experience!



I was here 2 years ago in Dubai and took a desert safari. But the difference from what we did now from what I did then was that this was so much more personal and more beautiful!

Now we were all ourselves and had our own place in the middle of the desert. It is really cozy and I recommend taking this trip in the afternoon. As Annica said, "If anyone would take me on a date out here, I would have been completely sold." The food was grilled in place and when the dark fell, torches lit around the place and some lights. An activity that we were looking for while grilling was to go "Sandboard" what you saw on the pictures;). The "common" desert safarin, there are several cars and a similar campsite with about 200 other people. The food is cooked before (reminiscent of the dining room) so in some cases good and others not. Here are the souvenir shop and other extra items that can be bought. When the dark falls, magdans start the show.

So thankful for this trip we did together with Turkishairlines and